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Company Profile

Dawoodi Pulverizing Works has been producing and supplying High Quality Micronized Whiting Chalk Powder of unique grade and unsurpassed quality since more than six decades. The unit was established in the year 1953 and since then, focusing its attention on rigid quality control and customer satisfaction, it has made steep rise and daring development at both its wings of production and sales.

The unit owns vast mining areas around Porbandar, which is the only place in Asia yielding Whiting Chalk deposits of desired and exclusive chemical composition. The processing wing of this unit is located at the G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate in Porbandar where the raw chalk is pulverized and transformed into the final product known as High Quality Micronized Whiting Chalk Powder, fineness of which is obtained up to 700 mesh and even beyond depending upon the requirement. The product is being presently supplied by the unit to its more than 350 customers comprising of consumers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers spread all across India and abroad.

It is worth mentioning that the unit has captivated the 'Transworld Tradefare Gold Medal Award' in 1981 for outstanding quality performance in producing Micronized Whiting Chalk Powder. The product has also been able to obtain the I.S.I. Certificate, earning the honour of being the first ever such product to secure this authentic certification. All this has obviously been realized due to the unit's uncompromising tradition of ensuring that "Quality always goes in before the product goes out."


Our Mission

Our mission is to keep exceeding our customers' expectations by continuously modernizing our production processes and improving our infrastructure, which enables us to provide High Quality Micronized Whiting Chalk Powder of the highest quality to our esteemed customers.

Our Vision

In the coming years, we see ourselves transforming to a unit having fully mechanized processes and using sophisticated production techniques to make our Micronized Whiting Chalk Powder conforming to even more stringent International Quality Standards which would not only cross the levels of our already existing ‘high customer satisfaction’ but move beyond towards providing ‘paramount customer delight’.

Product Overview

The city of Porbandar, already famous for being Mahatma Gandhi’s birth-place, is also the largest manufacturer and producer of High Quality Natural Chalk Powder. For over six decades, this Chalk Powder has been used as one of the prime raw-materials in the rubber, paint, distemper and putty industries. Be it the synthetic chemicals, plastic, cosmetic or paper industries, they rely on the Chalk Powder from Porbandar. As compared to the quality of Chalk deposits in different parts of the world, the quality of Porbandar’s Whiting Chalk is much better in terms of elasticity and plasticity, making it suitable for wider scope of industrial applications.

Some of the widely known industrial application areas of Microfined Whiting Chalk Powder include:

  • Paint Industries
  • Distempers
  • Rubber Industries
  • Manufacturing of Tyres & Tubes
  • Shoe Compounding
  • Wall Putty
  • Glass Puttys
  • Chemical Industries
  • Printing Inks
  • Plastic Industries
  • Cosmetic Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • PVC Floorings
  • Ceramics
  • Wielding Electrodes
  • Allied Industries

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Dawoodi Pulverizing Works
227, Main Road
G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate
PORBANDAR - 360 577
Gujarat (India)


Dawoodi Pulverizing Works
226, Main Road
G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate
PORBANDAR - 360 577
Gujarat (India)


Contact Person : Mr. Kamil Merchant
Fixed Line: +91-286-2222250
Cellular Line: +91-8401000111
E-mail: dpw@chalkpowder.com
Web: www.chalkpowder.com


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